The first value that AJC holds is further defined as targeted information at the right time through the most appropriate channel to maximize the impact of our messages. There is a significant body of research on the effectiveness of internal communications in terms of staff engagement, productivity, and, ultimately, earnings. Although varied in scale and application, the research consistently supports the general notion that intentionality and comprehensiveness of communication is essential to business success.

Where effective communication is prevalent, business results are superior, often by far, over organizations where communications are observed as being ineffective or insufficient.

Effective communication would seem to be intuitively obvious, and, if not operational today, should at least be aspirational. To no particular surprise, this is often not the case. There are some obvious reasons for this. The words “effective” and “communication” are highly subjective, especially when conjoined. The first, “effective,” is often assumed to be a constant but, in fact, there are as many shades on the word as there are people who use it. There is a natural assumption, particularly in business, that we all know what is and is not effective, but that is an erroneous assumption, especially given the many contexts in which it is applied. The same is true for the word communication.

It is a fact that different people learn in different ways; what is effective to one receiver may be useless chatter to another, just as the giver of communication may believe that their method of communication is supremely effective across all receivers.

Meeting people where they are may sound simplistic, but it is this very challenge that is often overlooked by even the most thoughtful of leaders. Understanding and addressing these fundamentals as not just subtleties or nuances, but as significant opportunities to elevate an organization’s capacity, is the work that OD and change management practitioners specialize in executing. As a core value, AJC is passionately committed to ensuring that, not only are we prepared to engage with you in multiple methods to ensure maximum effectiveness in our delivery, but we are also committed to ensuring that your messaging operates on the multiple levels necessary to brilliant execution on your commitment to your staff and your mission.

AJC is committed to ensuring that your messaging operates on the multiple levels necessary to brilliant execution on your commitment to your staff and your mission.

Much has been written elsewhere about the impact of COVID on our work environment, and there is a substantial body of material available about the new normal and returning from work and all of the ramifications of these issues. More than ever, developing the organization’s core voice and intentional process around communicating (in a time of remarkable uncertainty), will be the lynchpin for success. The AJC team of change management, communications, and OD specialists, operating from our core value of communication and responsiveness, can guide, support, and enhance your processes for this challenging and opportunistic work.

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