What We Do

STS Design LLC provides thoughtful coaching and guidance for businesses that are committed to positive and holistic strategies for building top teams and executing their mission brilliantly.  We do this through organizational assessment, diagnosis, and design.  We partner with you to determine the best methods for attracting, developing, and retaining the right talent for your needs.  We help you develop and operate tools and systems you need to carry the work forward.

Our Philosophy

Human Resources done with common sense.  No jargon, no buzzwords, no “morality police;” just straightforward, direct, actionable advice and guidance that will help you lead your business and your people the right way.

Why it Matters

Human Resources done well creates opportunity and paves the way for business success.  Particularly with small companies in nascent, fast-changing industries, supporting the staff and their needs for growth and professional challenge and development may not always get the attention they deserve.  We can help you adjust that challenge, support and enhance what you are doing today, and get you ready for the road ahead.

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