Foundational Services

Some HR things are necessary, in one form or another.  Policies, procedures, handbooks, to name some of them, all require time, thought, and focus to do them right.  Very few people we’ve ever met find this work enriching or uplifting (and we worry a bit about those who do), but it needs to be done.  We will partner with you to craft and create these essentials in ways that speak to your culture and style, while still weaving in the necessary elements that will keep you on solid ground.

  • Focus is on Basic Practices, Programs, & Policies:

    • Processes, systems, and best practices for employee attraction and retention
    • Policies, procedures, and documentation

Developmental Services

Staying ahead of your competition means, among other things, continuing to assess your operation and your talent.  Programs, tools, and systems are part of that process, and the larger perspective is how you apply those in the right way at the right time.  We’ll guide you through that work, and help ensure that you are meeting the needs of your people as well as those of your customers.

  • Focus is on Staff Growth and Leadership Development:

    • Tools and methods for professional development
    • Training design
    • Career paths

Strategic Services

Strategy isn’t a book you write once and stick on a shelf someplace (we’ve heard it described that way); it’s a living, evolving creation.  Your people strategy is at least as important, if not more so, than your go-to-market.  We’ll help you build, maintain, and enhance your talent strategy and the organizational design that will best support your business and the people that operate it.

  • Focus is on Short Term and Long Term Strategy:

    • Long-term, goal-oriented plans, and models
    • Customized roadmaps for intentional growth
    • Competitive positioning for an acquisition market

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